The Story of PAHADEE Coffee Roasters

The Story of PAHADEE Coffee Roasters

PAHADEE Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee roastery in the Indian Himalayas.

Our foundation started with a problem statement, a scientific as well as a business one.

“Himachal Pradesh has the highest coffee consumption in India. But everyone buys coffee from other Indian states. What is stopping roasters from manufacturing coffee within the state?”

Mcleodganj – One of the cafe hotspot in Himachal Pradesh

Our founder, Pratyush entered the specialty coffee world way back in 2014. But one cannot dive deep into the specialty coffee world by only being a coffee drinker! He shifted his base to Himachal Pradesh after working in the corporate sector for a decade. He wanted to start something ‘interesting’. That something turned out to be coffee roasting.

The problem statement :

Indian Himalayas see varying temperatures and humidity throughout the year. A single day may see temperatures going from 37 degrees at noon, to 6 degrees at night! Humidity goes from 40% to 99% almost every other day in monsoons! This posed us with an interesting challenge to solve. This very challenge has kept away most of the roasters out of Himachal Pradesh. Logistical nightmares multiply the severity of this challenge.

He started the PAHADEE coffee roasters in late 2021. It needed 2 years of gathering coffee roasting education and finances. Not to forget, managing varying weather conditions was another key aspect. We undertook heavy consultations with industry-leading consultants. This included roasting as well as green storage consultation. We installed a dozen of temperature and humidity probes. We track them every day.

Pahadee Coffee Roasters
PAHADEE Coffee Roasters, Gunehar, Himachal Pradesh

As coffee roasting is a logistic heavy venture, we tried to cut down our dependency on other states.  We installed air conditioning and humidity controllers. It kept the weather conditions at recommended levels.

Our next goal was to serve specialty coffee to the local population.  We scouted for places/cafes willing to serve better/good coffee. With this we perfected the craft of coffee roasting by serving some of the top cafes in Himachal Pradesh.

We conducted more than 20 workshops to impart specialty coffee education in the state.

In September 2022, we finally decided to go nationwide with our very own online shop and launched our coffee subscriptions plan to serve good coffee to many connoisseurs around India.

At the core of our beliefs, planet earth is at the forefront. Hence, we calculated our projected carbon footprint in every step of this venture. We try to avoid plastics and single-use items which cause this planet harm. As we get most of our coffee from southern Indian states, it takes a toll on the environment. We are doing more than enough to make up for the carbon emissions. We take part in many carbon offsetting projects.  Our team involves in many carbon offset projects themselves. We are striving to be a carbon-neutral business and set an example for people wanting to do the same.

Pratyush Thakur, the founder of Pahadee Coffee Roasters in Bir, Himachal Pradesh
Pratyush Thakur, the founder of PAHADEE Coffee Roasters in Bir, Himachal Pradesh

At PAHADEE, we assure you of getting a true specialty coffee, while being gentle on our planet earth.

Our goals

  1. Carbon Negative operations. 
  2. Provide true specialty coffee at affordable prices to the local masses
  3. Elevate Indian specialty coffee at the international level. 
  4. Work with small estate farmers and elevate them to the specialty coffee world.

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