Arabica vs Robusta

Arabica vs Robusta

Arabica vs Robusta, the most important decision one has to make, as soon as they enter the world of coffee.

Ever noticed the big signboards outside coffee shops claiming they serve 100% arabica beans? What does Arabic coffee mean? and how it differs from Robusta.

So, put on your learning cap and we will take you into the world of coffee beans:

Coffee is a genus of flowering plants and fruiting shrubs in the Rubiaceae family. The coffee plant seeds are two beans which are stick to each other inside a cherry. There are two main species of coffee seeds grown and sold across the world Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora (also known as Robusta).

Arabica and Robusta contribute to the major coffee production across the world. But even after this most of us do not what is the major difference between these two coffee bean species.

Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee comes from the Coffea arabica plant which is beleived to be the first species of coffee. It originated in Ethiopia and accounts for 60% of global coffee production.

Arabica coffee is a superior choice. It is generally large and oval in shape. They grow at high altitude in slightly cold environment. They are well-known for their distinct, flavor and acidity content. Due to the presence of more lipid acid and sugar content, arabica coffee is generally sweeter and has a hint of fruity, chocolatey, nutty flavors in it.

Robusta Coffee

Robusta Coffee comes from the varietal of the Coffea Canephora plant. It is the second most popular coffee in the world behind arabica. Being originated in Vietnam, Indonesia, West Africa, and other parts of Southeast Asia., Robusta accounts for 40% of the global coffee production.

Robusta coffees are smaller, paler, and circular in shape and their center crease is less pronounced. They are full of caffeine. Hence, their flavors are less refined, and they are bitter in taste. Robusta is widely used in espresso, as it produces better crema. It is also used in instant coffees and as a filler in certain blends. They are resilient to harsh weather conditions and diseases hence produce better yield and are cheaper in price.

Key differences between Arabica vs Robusta

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