Soldier’s Meadow Estate – Washed Organic Arabica

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Roast Level: Light Medium
Light Medium


Roast Level: Medium Dark
Medium High


Roast Level: Light


Tasting Notes: Dried Plum, Pepper, Black Grapes
Best Brewed As: Espresso, Pourover, Aeropress, French Press, Moka Pot, Cold Brew

Washed process Chandragiri arabica beans, organically grown in Mudigere by Mr Girish Devaiah.

This is a filter roast, but works well with any brewing method!

Shipped from Bir, Himachal Pradesh
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Situated around a modest elevation of 3350m, in the remote corner of Mudigere, lies a lush and green Soldier's Meadow Estate. It is owned and taken care of by the Devaiah Family. They undertake one of the cleanest and most challenging ways of growing Chandragiri arabica beans, using 100% organic practices. They use locally sourced compost on all of their farms. Managing highly disease-susceptible Chandragiri arabica beans is no easy feat.

We bring to you one of their washed processed arabica coffee. It has all the attributes of a true specialty coffee, scoring 83+ by 3 SCA cupping professionals! It has the right amount of acidity punch, balanced by smooth toffee sweetness and berry aftertaste. It has an interesting and gentle note of pepper!

We recommend this coffee via manual brews, preferably pour over and french press to make the most out of its flavors.



Coffee / Water ratio: 60gms / Litre
Grind Size: Medium Coarse (Jaggery powder)
Water Temp: 92-94 degrees
Water pour ratio: 45 second bloom with 10% water, followed by 3 swirling constant pours of 40%, 25% and 25% water, waiting for drawdown.
Expected Brew Time: 2:45-3:15 mins






Coffee / Water ratio: 65gms / Litre
Grind Size: Coarse (sugar crystals)
Water Temp: 94-95 degrees
Steps :

  1. Pour all water at once into the french press container with coffee grounds and close the lid
  2. After 5 mins, take a spoon and push down the wet coffee grounds with a spoon
  3. After 3-4 mins, gently press the filter and pour
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