Gemblary Estate – Dual Fermented Naturals

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Roast Level: Medium


Roast Level: Medium Dark
Medium High


Roast Level: Light


Tasting Notes: Prune, Grapefruit, Jaggery
Best Brewed As: Espresso, Pourover, Aeropress, French Press, Moka Pot, Cold Brew

Double fermented naturals from one the highest specialty coffee estates in India!
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Shipped from Bir, Himachal Pradesh
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Double Fermented Naturals


Kents, SLN9, SLN5B, Chandragiri, HRC, Sarchimor




We bring you a rare offering in the Indian specialty coffee spectrum. A double fermented natural processed arabica beans from Gemblary estate, Yercaud Tamil Nadu. It has a complex dried fruit flavor which is dominated by prune notes. Grapefruit acidity and jaggery sweetness makes it one of our most balanced offering!

Gemblary Estate sits at an altitude of 1410 meters and is located in Shevaroy Hills, Tamil Nadu. Rich humus soil and unique climatic condition give the coffees their unique enriching flavors. Gemblary specializes in Arabica coffees, cultivated with intense care, dedication, and hard work towards growing one of the finest specialty coffees. Kents, S 795, Sln 9, Sln 5b, Sarchimor, Hawaiian Red Cattura, San Roman, Brazilian Catuai, and Chandragiri are the varieties grown here. Coffees are grown under the natural canopy of the shade of Jack fruit, silver oak, Mandarin oranges, and various other country trees.

Gemblary is very keen to keep the plants healthy and to ensure the quality and productivity of the beans. Selectively hand-picked cherries and stand-out processing methods create novel flavor profiles for Specialty coffees.

We bring to you a carefully handled double fermented natural processed arabica beans from one of the highest grown specialty coffee bean. This level of complexity is rare to see in Indian plantations, and we are happy to source a micro-lot directly from the estate. This beans has been quite challenging in terms of roasting. Eventually, we were happy to get super positive results with a very balanced cup. It has hints of wild honey, with mild acidic tropical berries and milk chocolate. The smooth texture of this coffee is to crave for!

We recommend this coffee via all brewing methods, few of our favorites listed below



Coffee Grounds: 120gms / Litre (will yield espresso))
Grind Size: Medium fine (bit coarser than espresso grind)
Starting Water Temp: 92-94 degrees
Steps :

  1. Pour all water in the lower chamber till the valve
  2. Fill the coffee chamber completely with coffee grounds, tap the coffee container vertically on the kitchen counter to spread the grounds evenly. Do not press/squash the grounds
  3. Close the upper chamber firmly and keep it on low flame/induction
  4. Keep a watch on the upper chamber and notice the flow of coffee coming out of the pipe in upper chamber. Switch off the flame/induction as soon as the water comes spurting out
  5. Rinse the out lower chamber with cold water as soon as the spurt begins
  6. Pour the coffee into cup(s) and add equal amount of hot water(80-85 degrees)(increase the water amount if it feels strong)


Coffee / Water ratio: 60gms / Litre
Grind Size: Medium Coarse (Jaggery powder)
Water Temp: 92-94 degrees
Water pour ratio: 45 second bloom with 10% water, followed by 3 swirling constant pours of 40%, 25% and 25% water, waiting for drawdown.
Expected Brew Time: 2:45-3:15 mins






Coffee / Water ratio: 65gms / Litre
Grind Size: Coarse (sugar crystals)
Water Temp: 94-95 degrees
Steps :

  1. Pour all water at once into the french press container with coffee grounds and close the lid
  2. After 5 mins, take a spoon and push down the wet coffee grounds with a spoon
  3. After 3-4 mins, gently press the filter and pour
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