Bettadamalalli Estate – Washed Arabica (36 Hr Aerobic)

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Roast Level: Medium


Roast Level: Medium


Roast Level: Light Medium
Low Medium


Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Pomegranate, Indian Gooseberry
Best Brewed As: Espresso, Pourover, Aeropress, French Press, Moka Pot, Cold Brew

Washed process S795 arabica beans processed with 36Hour aerobic fermentation. A signature process at Bettadamalalli Estate in Chikmagalur. A coffee for your every day reliable notes.

Shipped from Bir, Himachal Pradesh
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Washed - 36 Hour Ferment






The Bettadamalali Estate, nestled in India's Western Ghats, specializes in multiple genetic varieties of shade-grown Arabica and Robusta coffees.

This arabica coffee went through a signature washed process which Bettadamalalli estate takes pride in. A 36 hour carefully monitored aerobic fermentation enhanced its intrinsic flavors. The result is a beautiful daily driver, which goes well as a black or milk based beverage.

Emphasizing hand-picked and sun-dried methods, the estate employs Washed, Naturals, and Honey processing techniques. With a focus on quality, the estate details its unique location, favorable climate, and skilled team. Additionally, it offers homestay experiences for visitors, allowing a closer connection with their coffee production journey.

We recommend this coffee via all brewing methods, few of our favorites listed below



Coffee / Water Ratio: 75gms / Litre (will yield espresso))
Grind Size: Medium Fine
Starting Water Temp: 92-94 degrees

Steps :

  1. Pour all water in the lower chamber till the valve
  2. Fill the coffee chamber completely with coffee grounds, tap the coffee container vertically on the kitchen counter to spread the grounds evenly. Do not press/squash the grounds
  3. Close the upper chamber firmly and keep it on low flame/induction
  4. Keep a watch on the upper chamber and notice the flow of coffee coming out of the pipe in upper chamber. Switch off the flame/induction as soon as the water comes spurting out
  5. Rinse the out lower chamber with cold water as soon as the spurt begins
  6. Pour the coffee into cup(s) and add equal amount of hot water(80-85 degrees)(increase the water if it feels strong)



Coffee / Water ratio: 60gms / Litre
Grind Size: Medium Coarse (Jaggery powder)
Water Temp: 92-94 degrees
Water pour ratio: 45 second bloom with 10% water, followed by 3 swirling constant pours of 40%, 25% and 25% water, waiting for drawdown.
Expected Brew Time: 2:45-3:15 mins






Coffee / Water ratio: 65gms / Litre

Grind Size: Coarse (sugar crystals)
Water Temp: 94-95 degrees
Steps :

  1. Pour all water at once into the french press container with coffee grounds and close the lid
  2. After 5 mins, take a spoon and push down the wet coffee grounds with a spoon
  3. After 3-4 mins, gently press the filter and pour
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